Hooray, not long after opening our Facebookpage we now have exactly one-hundred followers.DSC_0267

So what’s next? As we are glad with this improvement we thought it would be a nice idea to gift one happy follower. But what can a photographer possibly give besides a photoshoot? Ahah, That will be a secret for now. Since we will give out this prize at the next big thing. Two-hundered followers.

Interested now? You can find us on facebook here:
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DSC_0058Edits and Photoshopping
Oh dear how I once started doing so and wanted to throw the Mac’s (yes my dear ones, I did work on those before) and other computers out of the window. Forgot to select in which layer I wanted to work and photoshop simply denying to help me out with whatever I wanted to do.

Long Ago
But that time is pretty long ago by now, Six years to be exactly. And not to get all cocky and stuff, I hear from different voices my photoshop work is pretty neat. Ofcourse there are still things Im less good at. -For example my teacher wanted me to photoshop a photo in the Anton Corbijn style… It’s just not my thing, I am sorry. It may have worked for him, not for me.-

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Photography Rights

Photography Rights is a subject people often talk about. However, it seems its never enough.
Models have their own opinion on it, cosplayers think its suddenly only their work since the photographer only pushes the button… But then photographers also have their opinion on it. Which shows its not only about pressing a button.

I am not the person to end all this, but I decided to heat up the fire and explain both sides, since I make my own costumes, making me a cosplayer… But also a photographer… .

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