Find your way to fit in the picture.

Photo Maryonne VlasblomEvery kid has his or her own dream of what to become in the future. Becoming an actor, singer, or even a princess.
Then ofcourse, we get older and get a more realistic dream. In my case it was playing in a band. I played several instruments and loved to play te drums. In fact, I never pulled my talent far. But the dream to know more in the musician world always stayed.

When not being able to have the right talent to furfill your own dream, find a way to fit in the picture. Now I must say I just started studieing photography at that time and I was fond of a certain band. Due to my study I came in touch with the band, honesty my first photo’s were far from good. The second time I had to fix my own pass. It cost me so much pushing the limits and calling to abroad was not one of my favorites. Finally I fixed it and I was so proud of myself I promised myself not to make mistakes this concert.  I called many, and I mean many photographers for tips and tricks. I made a list and learned them.
On the day of the concert I was really sick. It was even hard to stand on my legs that day. Due to everything I just needed to go to Germany. So I did. The photo’s I made that day were for a second time really well.

Now these days I work for a music magazine, the photo’s I made back those days brought me in.

What my point is, there is always a way to fit in the picture. Even if your dream seems so far away. Time will show you the way. If you want something badly, remember there is always a way to achieve this. Never give up your dreams.

Dreams are there to live for.


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