Guestblog: Stephan Vermeulen

Stephan Vermeulen(25), a model once started with being photographed by me, now walking on catwalks, going to international photographers and connected to ‘Androgyne Models’. I’m proud to once had this boy photographed, and he wrote something about it. I proudly present you; Stephan Vermeulen.

“A year and a half ago I met Maryonne at a concert of ‘Cinema Bizarre’, a glamrock band from Berlin, Germany. We started talking with each other and we had a lot of fun. During this wait in line, she told me she was studying photography. At that point she didn’t ask me to model. We decided to stay in touch through MSN and email, a month later we met at a Dutch Festival ‘Huntenpop’.

A couple of months later in March, 2010, she asked me to model for her. I immediatly said yes. It was my first time modelling and I liked it a lot. We made some great shots. I was suprised, though she was still a novice, she coached me well and gave many tips. That was the thing that made me want to work with her again. Soon we did a couple of more photoshoots and it was time for me to open a ‘Model Mayhem’- account. (A website for models, make-up artists, photographers, and so on.)

From this time- until now, I’ve been modelling work a lot. I’ve even worked with a photographer from Berlin. ‘Oliver Rath’, I really liked his work a lot and I asked him if he wanted to work together. He liked my look a lot, I was so happy to hear that.

From now on I get asked more and more for many different shoots. I even made it to the modellist of ‘Erwin Olaf.’

I am now signed to a Dutch model agency called ‘Androgyne Models’ which is the first agency that only sign androgyne people. I also walked the catwalk for them on the ‘Dutch Model Event’, to represent them. 
  This is just the start and I’m really happy about what happend in such a short time.”

 -Stephan Vermeulen, for ‘Yon Photography’.





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