The Color Photograph

This time, I’ll be writing a short blog about the colors in my photos.
A short time ago, someone saw the photo of my horse, that is displayed on the left. He asked me how I made it and which layers I used in photoshop to get the sky that blue and the colors that strong. The thing is: I didn’t editted a single thing in the photo. I thought it was so cute and innocent I should keep it that way. It was never ment to become a portfolio photo. Now it seems people wonder how I keep the photo’s pure while the colors stay strong. The trick… .

Things teachers are telling you at school. Things your photographic parents or your ‘tallented’ photographic sister are teaching you. They will all notice you on the shutterspeed together with the diaphragm. Together with the right ISO they will make the perfect shot. As long as that tiny line which shows you if your balance is okay is in the middle. In this shot, wrong.

In this shot I used a ISO of 100. Ofcourse, it was a shiny day and the sun was almost on the highest point of the day. I put the diaphragm on the number I wanted it to be. Then I put the camera on the normal mode (so not the strong- or soft- colormode). Then I used the shutterspeed that fast the line was a bit to the right. Telling me the shot would be way too dark.
A sun, extremely strong, a full blue sky, lying on my back  photographing to the sky. “Too dark?” Lets say. No. Not everything should be made ok. with photoshop.

I use this technique quite often. Like on the shot down here, the same is done. Ofcourse, this is a editted shot. But I didn’t added extra color. I used curves, the brush, the healing patch and the glowing layer. Then cropped it to a square. There we go. A mad hatter for you. 🙂


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