The past half year

Last two weeks it was time to get back to the schoolbooks again. Well, in fact we don’t have books. You get the point. After half a year at Frank Doorhof I had to work with his new assistant, teach her everything I knew and then I left. It was a good time and I have learned a lot. Now, I want to share my looking back to this period with you.

It all started at the ‘Pro Imaging’ (A huge Dutch photography fair). I had never heard of Frank, and I was there with my school. I got by his stand and I fell in love with his way of photographing. His editing work and the way the pictures turned out. I felt like a total novice standing between all those photographers asking him stuff, and I still remember the first moment I talked with him. I asked him if he needed an intern. He didn’t but I could always write him.
Soon I went home and I just wrote a letter to him I really wanted to learn at his studio.

A few months later I had a conversation with him at his studio and we talked like… hours. He told me I could be quite sure I was in. A day later he called me with the good news, I was in.

In August 2010 I went for my first time to his studio as his intern. He would learn me basic tips and tricks in adobe photoshop and that week he went to Kent. So I had to do homework. The week to that he was in Cologne, I knew I was surprised by the fact he was able to live such a hectic life.
  As soon he got back I had to work with his students –He gives workshops two days a week.- Introduce them, let them sign a contract and so on. It was a glamour workshop with his model called Nirmala. She was very kind, but at that point I didn’t know it would be her first workshop ever. So it seemed I did great with comforting her. From that point on, things were getting better and everything became more natural to me.

Until it became October 23th. It was a cold rainy day, and Frank would give six workshops somewhere in Apeldoorn.  It was incredible cold inside and things like food and stuff were very bad organized. (I am so sorry, but it is the truth.) There was a line of almost 1,5 hour to the food desk. Frank was still inside the building with gloves on and many shirts over each other because the cold was just terrible. I was with his son in the line to get food for him and his wife. Finally we got the food and went back. We ate a bit and just ten minutes later I saw Frank leaving to some other photographer. I remember I saw him walking with that orange bottle of his and remembering I had a bad feeling. Something was going to happen. Which was the truth. Only one minute later Frank stumbled back to his chair demanding me to find a medic. Which wasn’t even in the building(!!). Finally I had to call an ambulance. The woman on the phone demanded me to keep Frank awake no matter what. I remember thinking, ‘sh*t, this is serious!’. Keep calm was what I had to do and wait till there was an ambulance. It arrived soon and it seemed Frank got the final blow there of all the stress full days past half year. He went home instantly feeling very bad and I worked with the people of ‘fotoflits’ to pack in all the lights, telling the model she better get dressed again and that was October 23th.

Frank couldn’t work properly for quite some time and I had to make a magazine for him. It took me almost two months to make this magazine of 50 pages. Sandra Boon helped me out with the lay-out. She taught me basics of making the lay-out. From there on I made the magazine. Doing interviews, translate them and so on. The magazine is online since December 26th. (Same day as this website.) and it can be found on:

(I won’t put it on my own website, so you can check it on his site.)

Then two more months were left and I just helped out with the workshops, doing some basic photoshop work. Working out some own shoots and asking a lot of tips of Frank.

Finally, February 11th was my final day at the studio of Frank Doorhof. It was a lot of fun this day. A Friday with amazing students. It was a lot of fun and Frank told me I could always ask his help. Anytime. It’s great to know that people are there for others.

So I did. Lately I almost had a new job. Frank was my reference.  
Guess what?
I got the job.

“Frank, See you on the Pro Imaging!”

– Maryonne Vlasblom
Intern Frank Doorhof 2010-2011


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