Professional Imaging

 The ‘Professional Imaging’ (Also known as ‘Pro Imaging’) Is comming up again! On sunday 13th, monday 14th and tuesday 15th of March 2011 is this fair as many years before held at Nieuwegeins Business Center. As you might be interested, I will add some information.

The Pro Imaging is quite a big fair in the Netherlands. Nieuwegein is near Utrecht so it’s easy to reach. On the site of the fair itself you can find hotel accomodations or help to get there.

Big names are listed. Like ‘Adobe’, ‘BFN, Beroeps Fotografen Nederland’, ‘Bootsma’, ‘C&C Lijsten’, ‘Calumet’, ‘Canon’, ‘De Fotograaf’, ‘De Fotovakschool’, ‘LowePro’, ‘DIPP’, ‘Elinchrom’, ‘Epson’, ‘Eyes on Media’, ‘FotoFlits’, ‘Klomps&Boor’, ‘Kodak’, ‘Lacie’, ‘Nikon’, ‘OnOne’, ‘VakColor’ and ‘Frank Doorhof’ will be there aswell. In fact, I just made a quick selection of some big names. But there are many, many more. If only these are getting your attention, you surely will like the others. For the full list, you can check out the website of Pro Imaging.

There are many workshops and seminars. I really liked it last year. This year I will attend aswell. On monday I will be there. Surely be found from time to time at Frank Doorhof. Still have to write in his guestbook. 😉

Here is the map for how it will look like so far.

See you on the Pro Imaging!

-Maryonne Vlasblom


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