March 8th 2011

Last Tuesday I had a photoshoot with Joyce. A girl I have known for about three years now. I always thought she had a pure face. Over the years I learned more about photography and about working with light. When I get to know her I was just starting in the photography. So I waited a few years to get better in the business and now it was the time to do a shoot.

I thought I would show some photo’s of this shoot. You may have seen some in my portfolio. I recently updated it. Three of the photo’s of the series are in here now.

The shoot was the first shoot ever of Joyce. She never done modelling before. So I thought I’d better take a easy light set-up for the beginning, so she would be able to move around a bit. After a long travel she arrived at Zwolle and at 01.30 p.m. we began our shoot. Four different lights, two aside, one on the back and one big softbox straight in front of her.

Easy and simple shot. Simple pose and a quick edit in photoshop.
Then we moved on to the second light set-up. One light. Little movement and the model sitting on the ground. A single light with grid. It has to be in te exact right spot. We tried a few poses, and after a while we came to the point of her, resting her head to her legs. Which lead to this.

This is one of my favorite photo’s of the shoot. I love the contrast, and even though there is no light in her right eye, the photo itself stand on its own. I really like it. It’s a kind of light and use of the light I’ve never done before.

After this shot, a new clothes and a new setting. Two lights. One striplight and one softbox. Learned fron Frank, and since we don’t we have a deep octa I thought to give it a try with a softbox. This became a beautiful soft light that was my favorite of my day.

After we got those shots, we were sure we got them all and played with some different light set up’s. Always a oppertunity to find an amazing light that works well. 

This was all I wanted to share for now. Tomorrow having an awesome shoot again. Having a team to help me out this time, since it’s a big concept that isn’t possible to work out on my own. Soon more about that. Keep tuned.

– Maryonne Vlasblom
Model: Joyce


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