Playing in the Mud

March 11th.
Time to do over the shoot I did a year ago. Back then I had a photoshoot with a friend of mine (Stephan, check the guestblog), rolling him through the mud and putting him outside in a large field for a photoshoot. Everything was correct. Exept my photo’s. Therefor it was time to do these shots over. In a studio… only with a other team.

You may know the mud shots of a band from Germany. The band was covered in mud and the shots were amazing. Based on that I decided I wanted to do a mudshoot myself. Which happend about a year ago with a model called Stephan, and a team that helped me with some things. We did this in the open air. I had no flashlights or boards that would bounce the sun back. The team was amazing and my model aswel. The only thing was…

…I didn’t like the shots I made. It made me angry because I was the only one who ruined the shots. Therefor I decided to do it over. In a studio, with the same model. The fact was… my model wasn’t able to come over for a photoshoot this time. It took me some time to find a new model. And when I found one, it was the extreme oposite of my last model. Which would change the photoshoot for sure. It didn’t matter, I would do the shoot, and change the meaning of the shoot to ‘Bad Boy’.
Jelle was the new model for the shoot. Now I needed a small team to help me out this time. Soon enough I had my team and planned the photoshoot on March 11th 2011.

Which was two days ago now.
So, how did it went? Pretty good. I was a bit scared I would ruin this shoot once again. Gladly, my opinion this time is, I didn’t. My model was working quite good along -His first shoot ever- and he knew we were going to ruin his shirt. With a lot of preperations here are some shots for you.

I thank Jelle and Suzanne for their co-operation in this shoot.

– Maryonne Vlasblom


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