Learning Process

Hello, and welcome, once again!

A short while ago I had a kind of exposition at school. I didn’t prepare this one very well. On a few things. I have been busy for five hours only with making up the templates where the photo’s were shown on. But it was the only thing that turned my teachers down. Oh…no… .

My teachers were pleased with my progress in the past half year. They saw I learned a lot at Frank Doorhof. The monday before I showed my teachers the photo’s, I went to Frank showing him the photo’s. Hearing his opinion. ‘He was proud’. Haha. Always great to hear.
As so were the teachers. I had the ‘Wow’- effect. Well, that seems generous, but there is always more to learn.
I also made a quick video for this exposition, which I would love to share with you.


My new youtube channel is now officially been launced aswell. Be sure to check things out! I will upload some video’s from time to time.

-Maryonne Vlasblom


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