Wouldn’t it make you just happy, to make series of photo’s of a photographer… to relate his face to your school. Make three posters of these photo’s and then be over with it.

Certainly. I had great idea’s. I had some over the top things in mind but things always go different if you think you planned things well. Even though they aren’t over the top… I think they suit well.

Today I had a lot of catching up to do and this was the first thing that had to be done. I had like three shoots in three hours with three different people. All for a diffrent object from last week. Somehow I seemed to manage it all and made the shots of the boy shown here in less then five minutes. While my other model was enjoying the sun outside. -Luckly it was an amazing weather today.- He was my model in first place, having a friendly face even though he isn’t smiling, which I don’t like in pictures, he doesn’t scare you away.

I put him in three different poses and that was it. I learned to make photo’s as you want them to be, and don’t crop afterwards, so the photo’s shown here came straight from the camera, through a few quick photoshop masks…all done. I never made posters like this. It could be way better, and I don’t like it. But I think it fits well. It will do. Sometime I will work out the true concept. It will be a blast.
But in a good way.

Here are the three posters; A quick view for you.

Thank you all for comming back to my website, checking the new stuff and keeping updated. It’s amazing to see the site growing. Thank you very much.

– Maryonne Vlasblom


2 thoughts on “Posters

  1. Don’t forget that this font is not readable, definitely not from a distance. Just a little tip: Add more contrast in the poster and the font, make the font bigger with less text and also use a font that is perfectly readable from a disctance. Nice pictures tho!

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