Hello again!
In the week of 18th of April to 21th of April I found myself in Berlin, the maincity of Germany. It has a great but heavy history and I’m in love with the city for the history that lives there. For the people. For the creativity.
I want to share some of my experiences and some photo’s of you from there.
Please be aware: Post can contain emotional/shocking photo’s!

So it’s been a while and I took a bit of time to work out my photo’s. I made way too many to put on here, so I’ll share just a few with you.

On the first day we went to the Juden Museum. A quite interesting place, bigger then I could have imagined. They had also a floor completely filled with faces. (10.000 to be exactly) They were there to show how many innocent people have died, and more. You could walk over them and it made a awkward, creepy sound that made me shiver. I didn’t want to walk there and decided to try to catch the emotion in a photo.

I was really impressed by this and I still don’t know what to think of it. Its a very good thing to show people what has happened there.

After the Juden Museum we left to the Berliner Mauer. Eh, what is left of it. Many people instantly made shots of the wall itself, and I decided to take it to the other place. An old fence keeping the wall together… somehow. Shut with a big lock but a small part of the wall was crushed right next to it. Later I found a very nice drawing on the wall. Even though it doesn’t show off the wall very well. I think the drawing does.

We stayed for 15 minutes when we left to the monument placed in Berlin which was placed for all the people who died there. I think many of you will recognize it when seeing my shot. I had never been in there before. Saw it before, but never walked through it. It wasn’t a plesant stay I must say. You have no idea what comes the next block. Who will be there, what will be there. Besides that the floor went up, down, every possible direction, but nowhere flat. It was a really scary feeling.

It was the place where we were left and free to go. I decided to walk on, on my own going to the most known buildings in Berlin for a project for school. I travelled like through whole Berlin. From the Brandenburger Tor, ongoing to the Reichstag, to Hauptbahnhof, going on to Alexanderplatz. Walked a bit back, took the S-Bahn again, went to the Siegesaule. Which was my last stop. In this order the next photo’s are shown. Enjoy.


Horses at the Brandenburger Tor. Next to the Reichstag.

Onwards to Hauptbahnhof. The biggest station in Europe as so I have heard.

Take the S-Bahn, and we land in Alexanderplatz. The TV tower, the big clock, the old Reichstag and some church. Walking on towards the Berliner Dom where I took the S-Bahn yet again.

The Berliner Dom. On the S-Bahn to Tiergarten where I could find the Golden Siegesaule.

So far for day one. It was a lot of travelling, but it were some nice pictures of the city. I’m glad I made them.

Day two.
Be aware, there can be shocking photo’s.

We left for Sachsenhausen. The second camp that was made to kill all those people during the second world war. I was shocked by how the people had to live. How they were threaten, what the German did to them. Things I even didn’t know that happen. I think it was a emotional experience for all of us. If you ever see the chance you may pay it a visit.
Things were shown many of us probably know.

We probably all know this line. “Work makes you free.” It was a line that was shown to the Juden every single day. They believed it… . For short.

The photo I was making, which shown as the first photo in this post.

After a while we went to the place where it all happened. I could not, not photograph the place people were killed. It seemed wrong, it was too hard in my opinion. People had to be cleared aswell. I think the photo’s can be shocking, if you imagine how many people were burned here.

After that we left Sachsenhausen. Glad to be there, but not a happy experience.

Berlin was a great experience. Had a lot of fun and I think I have some great new shots that may be even reach my portfolio. Berlin the city of rock and roll and creativity… makes me feel like a photographer again. It reminds me where I do this for.

-Maryonne Vlasblom


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