Model Day

Today was a so called ‘Location Day’ with school. Even though I prefer ‘Model Day’. Anyway, in first place I had an other model for this day, but last minute I had to fix a new model. A friend of mine jumped in the place of model and I’m glad she did. We made some awesome shots… .

So this time we stayed in my home city. Actually we went in a small castle I always wanted to see the inside from. But it dissapointed me pretty quick since it was extremely small. Too small for about sixty photographers and another sixty models. After a short while my model arrived and we found a small empty room, no one thought it was interesting. I pulled away some wooden plates and there I found a perfect window no one found yet. My model, Sandra, got dressed and we made our first shots here.

Perfect. Now we went to a big parc right next to the castle. It was quite crowded since more photographers went this way. So we needed to find new, refreshing spaces other students didn’t found yet so far. Or do things others didn’t do so far. We came up with playing with a very big tree, and later a huge tree, using it as a background.

Twelve o’ clock. Time to lunch.
Quite soon we were done and needed to find a place to change my model her clothes, since the castle was closed at twelve. Luckly some people from a shop wanted to help us out and we could use their dressing rooms.
Not much later we went to a huge church, located in the centre of my home town. We came in first and not a single photographer was found. A bit insecure we asked if we could work there. But it seemed no problem. So we installed ourselves and I needed to work with the reflections of a huge window since there was no light enough.

After working this photo’s out, we went to a small chamber all covered in gold and green. I loved the combination and we started shooting at some windows for a start.

Later I saw the back of the doors we came in through, they were just lovely. I fell in love with them. We started posing there but soon enough I came up with the idea of ‘what’s behind that door?’, my model understood the thing I wanted to work out and worked along just great. I’m really thankfull for her help today.

We left to a really calm place.  Worked out some idea’s out there aswel and then drank some nice soda at a bar. Soda. Yes.

It was a great day, even though I was pretty stressed since my flash lights were broken and I only had a big reflection screen. It worked out well enough. Im glad with these results.

Model: Sandra van Laren
Photographer: Maryonne Vlasblom
Make-up/Clothing: Sandra van Laren
Editions: Maryonne Vlasblom

Thank you in advance. Stay original.~

– Maryonne Vlasblom


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