Fusion of Dance 2011

Fusion of Dance, a big festival that’s yearly hold in the city of Zwolle. Since last year I’ve been a photographer for studio Tas. So I went to Fusion of Dance for this same job. There were about 7.000 people there and it was sold out this year. There isn’t too much to tell about it, but ofcourse this blog is having some lovely new shots. The copyright is ofcourse mine, but the rights are now in the hands of Studio Tas.

Fusion of Dance contains several different podiums, the two biggest; “MegaBase” and “LipGloss”. Megabase is hardstyle music and Lipgloss more like drum and base and all. Then one smaller; “Hard Defenition” also hardstyle, but softer then MegaBase. And several small podiums, about thirty-five DJ-s are here this day and about eight MC’s. Also many small stands are around where you can buy stuff. Then there is the Fusion Forest. A lounge styled in a very cute way.

As said before. 5.000 ’till 7.000 people find joy here this day and aswel the people who work here. It’s an exhausting job, but it’s nice to do. In the end the people can’t stay serious because the guests are drunk and the workers are tired so start to make silly jokes. I like it.

Now don’t think we don’t do anything. In fact, we do. Here are some backstage shots for you to start this blog with. For you the first one is the helicopter on the right. It was there for the photographers, but I couldn’t attend, too bad. On the lower place on the ground Hard Definition can be found. I was in a boat, therefor the shot starts on the water.

Now then, here are some other shots, I hope you enjoy.

The dancers.

School/festival-mate who wasn’t safe for my camera either.

The ‘life’-savers.

Enough of the backstage things. Now I had the Lipgloss stage this year. Yeah! I really wanted that stage. Glad I got it. I was there aswell with Hans van Eijsden, a well-known photographer from the Netherlands. It was a great time, learned a lot of him and I had a fun time with the other people backstage aswell. Now then, here are some Lipgloss pictures.

Two ducks from the dancers. It was so cute haha.

One of the dancers.

DJ Cuzco.

One of the MC’s.

The stage of Lipgloss.

People, shot from the stage of Lipgloss.

To blast it off with firework!

I just got a email of an afterparty, I think I will join in. It was an amazing time.
Hope you liked my shots, more can be found on the official website of Fusion of Dance. Thanks for reading and I will surely keep you updated!

Stay Original!~

-Maryonne Vlasblom


5 thoughts on “Fusion of Dance 2011

  1. volgens mij heb je mij op de foto gezet voor lipgloss een groepsfoto van de organisatie.
    kan dat? zoja waar is die te vinden?

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