Interview Frank Doorhof

Welcome on my website, YonPhotography!
This time the photo’s in this blog aren’t mine, as you might have seen in a split second. They are made by Frank Doorhof, a fashion/glamour photographer who taught me how to photograph for half a year.
He’s also seen all over the world giving seminars and workshops. His work is well known and so is he.
In this blog I ask him about the past, the recent photography industry and what he’s planning to do in the future.
We all know photography is a hard business. We can all learn from each others idea’s.
I welcome you; Frank Doorhof.

The Beginning.
How old were you when the interest in photography came?
I’ve been interested in imaging from as far back as I remember, my whole family was into photography and even film/video. So you could say I was raised with a passion for imaging.

Did you also follow photography classes or studies?
When I was in school I did follow a photography course, that was still analogue of course, but most of it I already knew because my grandfather spend a lot of time with me in the darkroom playing around with prints and he learned me to dodge and burn. There was no real attention for photography itself (what I hoped for). I always try to visit workshops/seminars if they look interesting. I strongly believe that everyone needs the learn every day.

Who was your favorite photographer back then?
I really don’t know, I just looked at the pretty images.


Now a day you are known for ‘the reader of the light’, what do people mean by this?
I guess they mean that I can visualize what happens with light and bring my “vision” to the screen without spending too much time with light setups, this also helps in looking at others work and “guessing” what lights were used.

What is different about your style than others?
I strongly believe that every photographer has an unique style, what makes someone unique is I think more in the eye of one that looks at the images. People not liking Fashion for example will say that all fashion shooters look alike; someone that is really into the style will see the minute differences someone else doesn’t see. I think that what does set me apart (If I really have to say something) is my approach to light, I try to make an image interesting light wise and am not afraid to use shadows.

Do you work alone?
I can work alone or in a team. The best shoots however are done with a team.

Who does your Photoshop work, or do you work this out by yourself?
The work you see online is always done by myself, somehow I want to keep total control and have a hard time to give away the Photoshop work, I feel that’s a real part of my photograpy.

What or who inspires you?
The whole world, everything I see or even hear will yield ideas. And yes that can be very tiring, I already know that I will never be able to work out all my ideas, but than again what’s better than to be always inspired J Photography wise I love the work of Erwin Olaf, David Lachapelle, Douglass Bizarro, Chase Jarvis, Mario Testino and many more.

Do you have an own model base? And how do you find these models?
I work with app. 10-15 models on a regular base, new models are hard to find for me (I’m really picky) but mostly I will find them online or just on the street.

What kind of photography is your favorite?
Without a doubt, fashion on location.

Which session was your most favorite so far?
Impossible to say, but I loved the sessions we did in Orlando USA and with Marieke in a Circus museum.

What was your ‘biggest’ moment so far you didn’t expect to happen as soon it did?
Without a doubt teaching at Photoshop world and right away being invited for the Vegas edition, that’s a huge honor and places you with the best in the world. That is still something I have to get used to but I try to improve myself every time so I will try to keep that going J


You go often to other countries for semesters or to give some photography workshops. How many countries do you have visited so far?
Let’s see. The USA and the UK/Ireland we visit on a regular basis :
LA 2x (4 workshops)
NY (3 workshops)
Boston (1 workshop September 2011)
Belgium,  UK, Scotland and Ireland we visited several times over the last 3 years
And of course Denmark and Germany

What is the next country up in your list?
At the moment we are planning London, Dublin and Boston.

Where haven’t you been, where you do want to go?
I would love to go to Asia, South Africa and in Europe Italy, France and maybe Russia.

The future.
How do you look at the future? What is your next goal the upcoming years?
The next goal….pffff that’s difficult. My dream was to teach for the kelby group and that happened already so for the moment I will see where that leads me.
We all have impossible dreams of course, for me I would love to shoot for Vogue or Harpers bazaar but that is so incredibly difficult to achieve….. on the other hand, stranger things have happened.

Are there any big plans coming up you want to tell us about?
At the moment I’m investing time in shooting more artists and actors. I want to build my portfolio for that.

Is there anything that you want to let us know?
Yeah, visit I’m really into building that website into a resource for starting and advanced photographers with guestblogs, technique posts and I share my images there.

At the moment we are also very much involved in for which I’m the spokes person for the Netherlands. We really want this to be a huge success in the Netherlands this year.

What is your tip for beginner-photographers?
Learn to see the light, and “why fake it when you can create it”.
Or in other words, don’t trust Photoshop, learn to shoot images that don’t need any Photoshop, and learn to use Photoshop to complete not to change.

How can people build up their ‘name’? What are the do’s and don’ts?
Be a people’s person, have a strong web presence and be nice.
Give back.

Anything that is heavy on your heart, you would like to share?
Nope already did.

Text: Frank Doorhof

I thank Frank for his honesty and advice about the photography.
You can visit his website here:

Hopefully you found answers to some of your questions.

Stay Original!~

– Maryonne Vlasblom


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