Dir and Grey

Dir and Grey, most people already have heard of this band from Japan. They are stars in their own country and rather famous in Europe. Also in America this band isn’t unheard.

I went to this band for a coverage for the magazine I work for, for over three years now. (Yes, yes! It’s a long time.) Up Magazine is the Magazine I went for to Utrecht to photograph and meet this Japanese band that came all over to Europe for their tour. It’s a mix of metal and rock, very experimental music with an amazing sound. I went there to get some shots and finally, I can share them with you.

Why I couldn’t share them sooner you might ask, while they were ready for over half a month now. These photo’s are also getting published in the magazine. It’s the first time my photo’s are getting published all over the Netherlands, and I’m really proud of comming to this point. Ofcourse the photo’s of Summer Darkness I used are also in the same Up Magazine edition, so I think I can be proud of this one. But ofcourse I can’t show off the photo’s here before they are getting published. Some of you might have seen them on my unofficial photography account. I did that because this site is getting watched way more often by many more people who are really searching for the photo’s. Which wasn’t the case at the unofficial site.

This band was also the first band I photographed with my brand new lens. I don’t know if it’s normal, but I just couldnt get the images I wanted. I was used to my old lens so I kind of screwed up the first three songs. (For who don’t know, if bands are getting a bit bigger there are photographer rules that count during concerts. Most of the time we can photograph the three first songs and then bugger off. Sometimes even just two. We just have to get the right images in this short time.) After that I decided I changed my lens, since the leadsinger was getting a bottle of water anyway, so I was in luck. The shots I made then are the ones I showed to the magazine. Editted them and here they are. My new lens has a F1.8. But since I’m so used to slow shutter speeds and high ISO’s during the concerts I’m also used to pulling my camera with the artists…which isn’t a good idea with this lens, because of the small amount of sharpness you got. I need to learn to work with it during the concerts. I am already in love with it during photoshoots. It’s an amazing lens.

For more information and tips about how you can make good photo’s during concerts, check out my earlier blog here:

If you are interested in the magazine, you can find it in the bigger magazine stores in the Netherlands, or you can order Up Magazine 80 here:
It shows up a few days after it’s release in Holland.

If you are one of the photographed people I shot that day when you were in line, you probably won’t show up in the magazine. Either way, you can find these photo’s at the website of Up Magazine here:

I met amazing people that day and I thank all the photographers I met at the concert for their alliance. The concert itself was very nice and the music was very well played. The lead singer was very jumpy and hard to catch on the photo’s. It was an amazing show. Once again.

If there might be any further questions, feel free to send me a message or an email.

Stay Original~
– Maryonne Vlasblom


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