The Gap

A warm welcome and a late Happy Newyear to all my readers and followers.
It has been very long ago I posted here; almost half a year ago. I did update the gallery and I saw people just came back to check my website out. A special thanks for these people.

I made so many new photo’s in the time and I am ready to write new blogs.
I am sorry for the huge gap fallen inbetween, I had a little personal problem which is out of the way now.

Also some news;
New options & attractive prices.
YonPhotography has new prices and options you can pick for a photoshoot. Email or call me for the details.
There is now also the option to send old photo’s to me with wishes how you want them editted. For a small amount of money I’ll retouch them for you. I can send before-after photo’s to you aswell if you want some examples.
Also for coloring black-white photo’s is YonPhotography open for business now.

New Models
YonPhotography has new models.
So keep updated and you will meet them soon enough!

New Dates
Want to see me, or take a photo of you during an event I can be found on some new events.
I am the photographer of UpMagazine for quite some years now. I also make photo’s for in the magazine now. So dress yourself in your best clothes and get caught at one of the following events:

11-02 Burlesque Circus, Tivoli
10-03 Enter Shikari, Melkweg
23-03 Emily Autumn, Tivoli
06-04 Destine Album Release, Melkweg
27,28,29-07 Summer Darkness (Utrecht)

..More comming up.

Alright. Keep your eyes open and keep updated once again.
YonPhotography is back in the air!

~Stay Original!
Maryonne Vlasblom


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