Rome, Part I

Rome, the main city of Italy. Known for the rich history, the beautiful architecture, the delicious food and ofcourse the Colloseum.
I had a little project here; photograph the city, the most important things but don’t loose track of the amount of photo’s. However the photo’s had to show off Rome as the city as it is today.

And there I went, alone to Italy, Rome. Meeting wonderful people, not bound by time and having the time of my life while doing my job. Made me almost want to become a traveling photographer.
I arrived and on the first day I actually needed to find medicins, which brought me the news Italy has a siesta. Everything was closed until 4 p.m. so that gave me the chance to look around my hotel for the nearest subway platforms, find a map and all other kind of usefull things.

On the second day I went directly to the Vatican. I did not see the pope, but I was stunned by the extremely long line going in the Vatican. It would took me one complete day and I didn’t want my day to end that quick so I decided to stay outside and take some photo’s out there.

After that a short break since the heat there was unbearable. (45 C)
I got my route planned so I would pass the Castello. I found it soon enough and caught some very interesting photo’s there.

Somone once tried to teach me; If you see something that catches your eye, and it is funny or interesting: Make a photo of it. He told me this when I just started photography and thought it was very rude to do this. But when I was at the Castello and saw this ‘boneman’ getting called. I needed to step over my ‘rudeness’ and grab my camera. How the man just answered the call was brilliant with his mask on. So I will share this moment with you:

After being here for a while I moved to the ‘Twin Churches’, I know they aren’t named like that. But most people call them this way and recognize them under this name.

Moving further I tried to photograph the Spanish Stairs, but it was so crowded I see those photo’s as lost. There were also many streetsalesman on the stairs getting kicked out by the police again. They weren’t being annoying but it just didn’t look well on the photo’s. So that made me decide photograph everything near them. That people still could see where it was.

After this I went for a pizzaria and had meal. Went to one of the many pretty boulevards and had a great evening.
So far for day one.

Walk route:

The PINK parts is my route. The striped parts are parts I took a subway. When parts cross eachother, the darker color is my way back and the lighter one the other way.

Soon I’ll update you with part II. Here I’ll show you the beautiful Colloseo.

Stay Original~
Maryonne Vlasblom

(No photo’s were editted in this post.)


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