New Website

Hallo, and welcome once again.
Im getting out of original starting lines, don’t I? In any case, I mean it and I just simply welcome you for checking out my page.

This time the update is about the recent website and the upcomming one, it won’t be a long post, I promise. But I just wanted to give you a heads-up about what will happen, by who and when.
So YonPhotography is changing. It will be changing indeed. The biggest change will be more will change into the Dutch language. Why? Because for me it is a lot easier since it’s my base language. Second is because so far most costumers -And note, thanks for the foreign costumers so far-  are Dutch aswell. I think my site would just function perfectly in Dutch. Foreign costumers can still see the portfolio and send me an email with a question, which I ofcourse, will answer as soon as possible.

Another change will be the basic colors. The site will change into something colorfull and bright. The header will change to a newer photo and the rest of the site, will get a complete new lay-out. Everything stays, blog/portfolio-wise, but in a new lay-out.

More updates will show up. We are also looking for a new way to scroll through the portfolio. To make it all easier for you.

This will all be done by Marijn Vlasblom,
He is an amazing Dutch webdesigner and suprise; my brother. His website is in Dutch, but you can check his recent work and portfolio; which would give you an idea of what we are building here.

When will this all happen?
For now we actually plan on next week tuesday or wednesday. At least, we want to have the lay-out done. When the site is completely done you will ofcourse see for yourself and we hope you like it even better then this one. Which was done by Sandra Boon;
We want to thank her for all the services in the past.

We are sorry if it may all take a little longer. We try to work as quick as we can and thank you for your loyality.

~Maryonne Vlasblom


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