DSC_0058Edits and Photoshopping
Oh dear how I once started doing so and wanted to throw the Mac’s (yes my dear ones, I did work on those before) and other computers out of the window. Forgot to select in which layer I wanted to work and photoshop simply denying to help me out with whatever I wanted to do.

Long Ago
But that time is pretty long ago by now, Six years to be exactly. And not to get all cocky and stuff, I hear from different voices my photoshop work is pretty neat. Ofcourse there are still things Im less good at. -For example my teacher wanted me to photoshop a photo in the Anton Corbijn style… It’s just not my thing, I am sorry. It may have worked for him, not for me.-

DSC_0039Tips and Tricks
Now I did hear these comments about my photoshopping, while I’m always a bit like; mehh… .
But then, a few days ago I was aimless wandering around the internet. Finding all these ‘tips and tricks’ things for photoshop. I took a look at them and they all had these extremely simple things like; “How to change a color of a flower?” or “How to make eyes more bright?” or even “How to make skin look perfect?” And all these difficult, (way too difficult) explanations without the result you hoped for with all the effort you put into.

Looking at those things combined with my own knowledge… I am thinking about making these very simple, very easy to do; step by step- photoshop tricks. I don’t know if any one would be really interested in it, but I really have these extreme simple things I work with to accomplish the photo’s I do now.

You may send in some requests (I can not guarantee I will show them all…) and some I will just show because they have been asked more then once before… .

These tips and tricks will be put onto my Deviant Art.
Which can be found here:

I will probably start with changing the color of the eyes and brighten them. And maybe I will also tell you my secret of the smoothing of the skin. :eager:

Honestly, I don’t think that big of myself. *Laughing* Oh Dear; no. I just start off with one or two and if they become a big hit; well I might do some more.

That will be it for now! I am going to end this journal with all my best wishes for the year of 2013 to you all. Don’t blow all your amazing and tallented hands off with the fireworks; you will need them later.

Best Wishes~
Maryonne Vlasblom


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