New Website

Welcome on the brand-new Yon Photography!

A lot of things have changed, a lot of things have also changed in my life and we are now also open for business!

Yon Photography has chosen a new style. Dark-Red/Black/White. We hope you do like it.
We came up with the idea long ago, but things never really got worked out. School, work, costumery, it took a lot of effort, and we really had no time to sit down and work this all out… Now here it is… A new Yon Photography~

Well, as far as new goes…

What has changed? DSC_0053 vII
– A brand new website with a refreshed style and the real headline.
– We provide a new form of photography: Pregnancy.
– We opened up a new gallery: Concepts.
– We have an actual pricelist.
– We make back-stage material.
– A lot of new photo’s are added over all galleries .
– The galleries are also cleaned up, some photo’s are removed.
– The folder ‘People’ is re-named to: ‘Portraits’

…And more to come.
That’s how far the new website goes…

DSC_0322Bewerkt03About Maryonne herself;
“School has been finished. Not in a really good way though and I am now attending to a complete new photography school. To finish what I was started. It was just six more weeks before I got my graduation… . I can’t put my finger on how utterly cruel this is. I did my exams and I had really high scores on all of them… . An internship went wrong six weeks before the end… and thats all the reason school had to send me out… I even had a new adress for an internship ready… I, and many others are not just sad, but I can’t understand, how, so close before the end, they can do this… . I’ve made mistakes in the past and I admit, but this is just cruel”.

Thats when we decided to work fulltime until the next season for students would start. A lot of work came in immediatly. That’s why we came up with the pricelist.

We were never expensive, and we will never be.

We hope you do like our new style and ways of work.

Stay Original~
Maryonne Vlasblom


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