New Galleries

DSC_0206B You might have seen the new galleries already. We uploaded a few photo’s that deserved or needed an own folder.

This are the galleries (Covered) Nude and Products.

YonPhotography is now nearly seven years in the photography business and we always held the idea and questions about (covered) nude off. As other photographers might know, it’s the most difficult form of photography and it requires a lot of energy and time to do it right. The light must be right, the models must be comfortable, the body shouldn’t contain any strains of the before-worn clothes, the body itself can’t be covered with clothing so lines are easily seen, and way, way more… .

It wasn’t the idea of nude that was the problem, but we wanted to be 100% sure our first session would be a success, for our model(s) and us as a photography business.

So one the models we worked with before came with the idea to work something out, we had in mind for a long time… . We decided to tag along, after seven years we should be able to do this by now right?

Last monday we worked in a studio in Utrecht, with the help of Ork de Rooij (-Thank you so much) and we went for our first -covered- nude session. It went better than we could hope for. The first photo is online, and the rest might come later.

DSC_0218BIt was an amazing session and I want to thank Machinefairy and SiroJ for their trust in me.

We gave it an own gallery as not everyone who is looking at portraits is interested in nudity, therefor we decided to do it like this. This is also the reason why we don’t preview a photo in this blog either.

The gallery can be found here.

Another gallery we opened is the gallery ‘Products’.
We never opened this gallery since we don’t provide this form of photography on a regular basis. Latest months I get more and more requests if we photograph products and if yes, where could they check out the gallery?

For these people we decided it was time to open up this gallery. As said, we don’t provide this form of photography often and as most sessions of this form are made for customers, I am not able to put these online. The photo’s which are online, are made for school or own purposes.

This gallery can be found here.

In other news;
The Photographer; “Last time I talked here, I was all happy with flowers everywhere. I told you guys another school was taking me in for one last year…so I could finish it and have my graduation none-the-less… .

DSC_0200BThis time I’m talking here, I’m not all happy with flowers everywhere… . Things aren’t going the way they were supposed to be, there is no ‘one year-graduation’ program…and there never was. As I heard this news I was devestated, and at this point I don’t know what to do or what choices I should make… .”

A lot is going on and therefor we aren’t able to spend a lot of time during the week on the website. We will upload bigger things every once in a while now, and we hope for your support.

Thank you.



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