EFF (27)Hello, and as ever a big welcome to the people that drop in here for the photo’s that have been recently made.  Maybe you just drop by because you just found back the card I gave you half a year ago, or do you know me in private and are you simply wondering how I’ve been doing the last few months.

As I clearly haven’t made proper blogs last half year I thought I might need to explain myself for this. Maybe no one is interested at all, but for all I know, I will simply just write down the bits of last year basically.

Lets go back, all the way to June 2013… a long time ago isn’t it?

20In June 2013 I was in my final year of my study in Zwolle. Things went okay really. Nothing went too good or too bad in general, just okay. That was until I came in the internship time. It basically means five days from 08.00 till 17.00 to work in the business you are in. All good and fine. I decided to go to a place I, as myself didn’t had any interest in at all, but my school wanted me to go there. It was a ‘team’ (of 4 people) and they wanted me to do that, as I was well enough on my own.

During this period I got really, and then I mean, really sick. I’ve been in the hospital for some time and many tests. No one ever (at that time) found out what was going on. So I often had to stay at home or go to the hospital. This resulted in losing my internship. Not that I felt really bad about it at the time, and some other photographers were instantly asking me to come to their business.

School wasn’t interested in the story at all, and I got kicked off after a lot of rowtugging from both sides.

I decided to move back to Ede, near my family, as I’ve missed them often during my time in Zwolle. I also decided to go to an other school there to finish the study I started.

1523141_708914609140170_1116109202_oB Comming down there the path I should follow, was never made and I was literally ‘dumped’ in the 2nd year. This made me and all my big- ego go: no. So many, and I mean, many conversations later I was placed in the 3th year. Still not what was promised but I decided to go with it… as it was most likely all I was able to squeeze out of them.

During this time a lot in my private life has happened. I won’t point out most things, but one of the discoveries that have been made was that my system couldn’t handle the impact of a 40-hour work week… 20 was most I seemed to be able to handle. Which brings me back to the story in Zwolle. It seemed I was over-exhausted without knowing it, I pushed myself further and so my body broke down… . How should I have known that then?

Anyway, for several weeks it went okay at the new school in Ede, yet I heard I was delayed half a year again and had to do several big and long internships again… . I felt very unhappy with the thought of it, and school really bored me. Most of the lessons were rather bad and the only lessons I thought really interesting were the ones on friday… . So most of the week I worked on my own, doing homework at home, writing stuff on my laptop and mailing teachers.

In the end this made me decide to stop. It’s been nearly 6 years of photography now and I keep pushing myself with the thought I was almost there…for the last three years.

06This is where I am now.

I decided to stop with the photography studies. I wanted to get some degrees in English and Dutch, and a certificate of my friday-lessons teacher. I can’t push myself to it any longer.

This is also why most of the website is getting a re-boot now. I will continue photographing, and I will continue photosessions, backstage video’s and all sorts of things. Yet most will now change to cosplay-photography/portrait photography/concerts or animals. Maybe I’ll make short posts about what I now do for a game-website I started working for. But things like ‘products’ will be removed and never come back.

As you might have noticed I also started this already. Many galleries and pages have been changed to my new form of photography, as is the header. It will often include cosplayers from now on. The slogan I have will stay the same as it’s something I personally believe in and want to make models believe in aswell.

SchrijverBI’m a good photographer in the things I like to do, I am doing this for years and I love to continue doing so.
A paper will not make me any better or any less better… . Maybe I’ll try something entirely different in several years, but for now, I’m good like this and I appreciate people who believe in me for it.

So a little shout-out to all models, photographers, make-up artists, cosplayers, and every-single one of you who kept believing in me all this time, and who still do. The ones that gladly model for me, and appreciate the view of my photo’s. Even the visitors of my website make me smile. It’s like the small token of appreciation I needed.

So I thank you for that, and I really hope you keep liking my work, my blogs and back-stage works.
Which reminds me, Yonphotography is also active on Facebook for some time now, yet I think I never talked about it:  ,be sure to be updated in time!~

Stay Original!~

-Maryonne Vlasblom


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