‘Modelling&Photography-Panel’ Abunaicon

EFF (32)We are very proud to announce that YonPhotography will host a ‘Cosplay-Modelling&Photography-Panel’ at AbunaiCon 2015.

‘Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.’

Ofcourse the name of our panel started out as a little joke… But we honestly can not think of an other way to describe it… .

As there are many photography panels.

And there are many modelling panels.

But honestly tell us; don’t these two just belong together?

Both photographers and cosplayers work on the same result; so we thought; why seperate these in two in different panels?

EFF (3)

YonPhotography will combine these two panels into this ‘Cosplay-Modelling&Photography-Panel’. 😉

The panel learns the cosplayer basic knowledge on where to pay attention to, when it comes to modelling. The panel also learns the photographer how to communicate correctly with their model, and how to make photo’s, so they will not look like the typical ‘convention photo’.

It’s an interactive panel, where we will photoshoot live with a cosplayer; whilst explaining the basic do’s and don’t’s.

So; Do you wish to give your cosplay photo’s a boost? Come to our panel and we will love to advice you, with all sorts of tips and tricks.

**Attention: This panel requires from the photographers to have basic knowledge of the SLR camera; such as how to manually work with ISO, Aperture and Shutterspeed.

EFF (10)

We sure hope to see you there, tickets for the convention are available here.

Thank you in advance and ‘Stay Original!’~

-Maryonne Vlasblom


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