SchrijverBWelcome in my photographic way of life.

You are currently on the webpage of Maryonne Vlasblom. A young photographer.
“The interest in photography came when my dad took me to the ‘Tour the France’. I had a small one-use camera with me. It was a long wait, but I loved the experience.” Her parents never really understood this, because Maryonne only made photo’s, but never printed them. “I just loved making photo’s.”

Now these days she is a free-lance photographer. Worked as a trainee at ‘Frank Doorhof’ and works in her spare time for a rockmusic-magazine.

Besides concerts she loves to make all kinds of portraits of people. “Every person has his or her own beauty. Sometimes someone else is needed to show that.” She knows what insecurity can do to people. Therefore she knows how to act to those who are insecure and make sure they become more comfortable in their own skin. “It’s beautiful how you can see people change sometimes from what they think they look like in photo’s… and then how it turns out.”

Maryonne always tries to find extreme’s in her photo’s. Looking at clothing, make-up and so on. Open minded combined with humor. Serious combined with a relaxed situation. According to others: “A girl with big potential, who wants to try new things.” Because there is always more to learn.