Animecon, 2015


Animecon 2015

One of Holland’s biggest anime conventions that’s out there for quite a while already. Every year thousands of cosplayers visit the event, and it’s still growing.

There is a lot to do, things like so called ‘events’, ‘workshops’, ‘lectures’, a gameroom, a dealerroom, and various cosplay competition’s.

YonPhotography visited this event, on saturday, and photographed several costumes and happenings.

Animecon is held in The Hague and the event always attracts many visitors. Many of whom are from the Netherlands, but visitors from Germany, Belgium, Poland, France and several other countries are also attending in big numbers.

DSC_0060On the saturday there were several events YonPhotography attended to photograph. Such as the CCCC, Bordercos and the well known AnimeCompo-Groups.

We also photographed several cosplayers in hallways or outside.

If you have received a card of us, your photo will surely come up here.

We thank you for your time at Animecon, and perhaps see you at an other convention!~

Maryonne Vlasblom

More photo’s comming…


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