Carnavale Venice, 2015

Carnaval, an event celebrated in many forms and ways all over the world. For example, here in the Netherlands it’s most known as a week of partying and drinking. Whilst in other countries; though it also involves a lot of drinking, it is celebrated under the name of Mardi Gras… .

I was never too fond of celebrating Carnaval here and since a kid I have always been interested in the way Venice celebrates it’s Carnaval. With beautiful costumery and masks.

When I was twenty years of age, I was invited by a friend who had a spot left on both the plane and hotel. Ofcourse I couldn’t say no to this and I joined her.

Ever since I have been visiting the ‘Carnavale‘ of Venezia.
Some of the photo’s I have made in the previous years can be found here.

This year it has been my fourth year. And although I also joined this year in a costume with mask; I made many, many new photo’s. I’ve met many amazingly creative, kind-hearted people and I think it is only fitting to share some of my photography of Venice 2015 here.

~ Photo’s are still being editted and uploaded daily. ~

I hope you enjoy.

~Maryonne Vlasblom




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