Elf Fantasy Fair, Haarzuilens 2014

The Elf Fantasy Fair is a fair being held twice a year on several locations. Both at castle Haarzuilens and in Arcen. It’s a fair, well known by many people and so, it’s also visited by all sorts of people with all sorts of interests.

Here people can find anything for their hobby, may it be making own clothing, playing games, reading books, listening to celtic music, shooting with a bow and arrow or something entirely different. For everyone with a creative mind Elfia is the place to be.

To be completely fair this year I worked at Elfia (Elf Fantasy Fair) for a gaming website. For unfortunate reasons the website decided to become a one-man-website, before publishing any of the photo’s I made, and worked on. I felt like I was disrespecting all models I photographed, by not giving them their rightful photo’s.
Therefor there here is my gallery from Elfia.

For further information about the photo’s or how to contact me, please read the page Conventions.

A big thanks for everyone who modelled for me.



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