The Gap

A warm welcome and a late Happy Newyear to all my readers and followers.
It has been very long ago I posted here; almost half a year ago. I did update the gallery and I saw people just came back to check my website out. A special thanks for these people.

I made so many new photo’s in the time and I am ready to write new blogs.
I am sorry for the huge gap fallen inbetween, I had a little personal problem which is out of the way now.

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Abunai, is best described as a living fantasy world held once a year.

A lot of cosplayers, people who dress up as their favorite character, come here and play their roles together with teammates, friends and model for photographers.

I was here both as a cosplayer myself, as I was as a photographer.

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Dir and Grey

Dir and Grey, most people already have heard of this band from Japan. They are stars in their own country and rather famous in Europe. Also in America this band isn’t unheard.

I went to this band for a coverage for the magazine I work for, for over three years now. (Yes, yes! It’s a long time.) Up Magazine is the Magazine I went for to Utrecht to photograph and meet this Japanese band that came all over to Europe for their tour. It’s a mix of metal and rock, very experimental music with an amazing sound. I went there to get some shots and finally, I can share them with you.

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Summer Darkness

Hello again on I know it has been a long time since I have posted any blogs or any photo’s. I have been really busy last months. With what, you might wonder.

School has finished for a while now, and the end of it was hard for me. I wanted to end this year with good grades. Since I missed some lessons I needed to make up for it. So therefore I needed to work really hard the last weeks. No time was left for entertainment or in this fact, my website.

Then vacation came and it was time to do some work and I did some photography jobs the past month. Summer Darkness was one of those things, what Summer Darkness is?
Please allow me to introduce it to you.
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Interview Frank Doorhof

Welcome on my website, YonPhotography!
This time the photo’s in this blog aren’t mine, as you might have seen in a split second. They are made by Frank Doorhof, a fashion/glamour photographer who taught me how to photograph for half a year.
He’s also seen all over the world giving seminars and workshops. His work is well known and so is he.
In this blog I ask him about the past, the recent photography industry and what he’s planning to do in the future.
We all know photography is a hard business. We can all learn from each others idea’s.
I welcome you; Frank Doorhof.
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Fusion of Dance 2011

Fusion of Dance, a big festival that’s yearly hold in the city of Zwolle. Since last year I’ve been a photographer for studio Tas. So I went to Fusion of Dance for this same job. There were about 7.000 people there and it was sold out this year. There isn’t too much to tell about it, but ofcourse this blog is having some lovely new shots. The copyright is ofcourse mine, but the rights are now in the hands of Studio Tas.

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