EFF (27)Hello, and as ever a big welcome to the people that drop in here for the photo’s that have been recently made.  Maybe you just drop by because you just found back the card I gave you half a year ago, or do you know me in private and are you simply wondering how I’ve been doing the last few months.

As I clearly haven’t made proper blogs last half year I thought I might need to explain myself for this. Maybe no one is interested at all, but for all I know, I will simply just write down the bits of last year basically.

Lets go back, all the way to June 2013… a long time ago isn’t it?

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Dir and Grey

Dir and Grey, most people already have heard of this band from Japan. They are stars in their own country and rather famous in Europe. Also in America this band isn’t unheard.

I went to this band for a coverage for the magazine I work for, for over three years now. (Yes, yes! It’s a long time.) Up Magazine is the Magazine I went for to Utrecht to photograph and meet this Japanese band that came all over to Europe for their tour. It’s a mix of metal and rock, very experimental music with an amazing sound. I went there to get some shots and finally, I can share them with you.

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Wouldn’t it make you just happy, to make series of photo’s of a photographer… to relate his face to your school. Make three posters of these photo’s and then be over with it.

Certainly. I had great idea’s. I had some over the top things in mind but things always go different if you think you planned things well. Even though they aren’t over the top… I think they suit well.

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