Happy Holidays

1538942_686529184712046_1977399989_nWe wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you will have a splendid New Year.

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DSC_0058Edits and Photoshopping
Oh dear how I once started doing so and wanted to throw the Mac’s (yes my dear ones, I did work on those before) and other computers out of the window. Forgot to select in which layer I wanted to work and photoshop simply denying to help me out with whatever I wanted to do.

Long Ago
But that time is pretty long ago by now, Six years to be exactly. And not to get all cocky and stuff, I hear from different voices my photoshop work is pretty neat. Ofcourse there are still things Im less good at. -For example my teacher wanted me to photoshop a photo in the Anton Corbijn style… It’s just not my thing, I am sorry. It may have worked for him, not for me.-

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