Saal Digital – Wand Deco

Hi there,

Next message will only be in Dutch, since its another review of a product of the company ‘Saal Digital Netherlands‘.

I hope you understand.

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Saal Digital – Photobook

_dsc0003r1DUTCH ONLY

Enkele weken geleden heb ik van Saal Digital Nederland de kans gekregen, om een fotoboek bij hun af te laten drukken, en hier vervolgens mijn ervaring over te schrijven.

Al snel was de keuze gevallen, om een boek te maken over mijn afgelopen jaren als fotograaf in Venetie.

Een ‘Matte Hardcover’ met 26 pagina’s was de keuze.

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Photography Rights

Photography Rights is a subject people often talk about. However, it seems its never enough.
Models have their own opinion on it, cosplayers think its suddenly only their work since the photographer only pushes the button… But then photographers also have their opinion on it. Which shows its not only about pressing a button.

I am not the person to end all this, but I decided to heat up the fire and explain both sides, since I make my own costumes, making me a cosplayer… But also a photographer… .

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New Portfolio Page: Costumes

Goodmorning, afternoon or evening,

Some of you might have already seen it, and some of you clearly havent: There is a new portfolio page. This portfolio page contains photo’s of handmade costumes.
The works are incredible and very well done. Lately I put them in the ‘People‘  folder, but in the end; It was not ‘it’. More and more photo’s came up and when I went to the carnavale in Venice, the album would have exploded if I put all those photo’s in.

Thats when I came up with the idea of a own portfolio page, just for the beautiful handmade costumes I have photographed.
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New Website

Hallo, and welcome once again.
Im getting out of original starting lines, don’t I? In any case, I mean it and I just simply welcome you for checking out my page.

This time the update is about the recent website and the upcomming one, it won’t be a long post, I promise. But I just wanted to give you a heads-up about what will happen, by who and when.
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