‘Modelling&Photography-Panel’ Abunaicon

EFF (32)We are very proud to announce that YonPhotography will host a ‘Cosplay-Modelling&Photography-Panel’ at AbunaiCon 2015.

‘Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.’

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EFF (27)Hello, and as ever a big welcome to the people that drop in here for the photo’s that have been recently made.  Maybe you just drop by because you just found back the card I gave you half a year ago, or do you know me in private and are you simply wondering how I’ve been doing the last few months.

As I clearly haven’t made proper blogs last half year I thought I might need to explain myself for this. Maybe no one is interested at all, but for all I know, I will simply just write down the bits of last year basically.

Lets go back, all the way to June 2013… a long time ago isn’t it?

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Hello again!
In the week of 18th of April to 21th of April I found myself in Berlin, the maincity of Germany. It has a great but heavy history and I’m in love with the city for the history that lives there. For the people. For the creativity.
I want to share some of my experiences and some photo’s of you from there.
Please be aware: Post can contain emotional/shocking photo’s!
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In a magazine

Maryonne Vlasblom magazineHello,
It has been a while, as many, the flue was getting me as well. Last months I’ve been working on a big project for Frank Doorhof. He wanted me to create a magazine. Many people were interviewed about who they are and how they knew Frank. I’m pretty sure you won’t read the whole 50 pages, but I wanted to share my part of the magazine with you. Please feel free to share your opinion about what the future holds for photographers.

In front of the camera

They say every photographer has to know what it’s like to be in front of the camera him- or her- self.
Normally, I make my own portraits. I never trust others to make the photo I have in mind. Now this site is in the air I had to get some serious photo’s, because, well… who am I for a stranger like you?
So I talked with Frank Doorhof about the idea to shoot some photo’s.
A few week later, it was the day which is now, today.
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