Hooray, not long after opening our Facebookpage we now have exactly one-hundred followers.DSC_0267

So what’s next? As we are glad with this improvement we thought it would be a nice idea to gift one happy follower. But what can a photographer possibly give besides a photoshoot? Ahah, That will be a secret for now. Since we will give out this prize at the next big thing. Two-hundered followers.

Interested now? You can find us on facebook here:
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Hello again!
In the week of 18th of April to 21th of April I found myself in Berlin, the maincity of Germany. It has a great but heavy history and I’m in love with the city for the history that lives there. For the people. For the creativity.
I want to share some of my experiences and some photo’s of you from there.
Please be aware: Post can contain emotional/shocking photo’s!
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