Saal Digital – Wand Deco

Hi there,

Next message will only be in Dutch, since its another review of a product of the company ‘Saal Digital Netherlands‘.

I hope you understand.

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Rome, Part I

Rome, the main city of Italy. Known for the rich history, the beautiful architecture, the delicious food and ofcourse the Colloseum.
I had a little project here; photograph the city, the most important things but don’t loose track of the amount of photo’s. However the photo’s had to show off Rome as the city as it is today.

And there I went, alone to Italy, Rome. Meeting wonderful people, not bound by time and having the time of my life while doing my job. Made me almost want to become a traveling photographer.
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Abunai, is best described as a living fantasy world held once a year.

A lot of cosplayers, people who dress up as their favorite character, come here and play their roles together with teammates, friends and model for photographers.

I was here both as a cosplayer myself, as I was as a photographer.

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