Hooray, not long after opening our Facebookpage we now have exactly one-hundred followers.DSC_0267

So what’s next? As we are glad with this improvement we thought it would be a nice idea to gift one happy follower. But what can a photographer possibly give besides a photoshoot? Ahah, That will be a secret for now. Since we will give out this prize at the next big thing. Two-hundered followers.

Interested now? You can find us on facebook here:
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New Portfolio Page: Costumes

Goodmorning, afternoon or evening,

Some of you might have already seen it, and some of you clearly havent: There is a new portfolio page. This portfolio page contains photo’s of handmade costumes.
The works are incredible and very well done. Lately I put them in the ‘People‘  folder, but in the end; It was not ‘it’. More and more photo’s came up and when I went to the carnavale in Venice, the album would have exploded if I put all those photo’s in.

Thats when I came up with the idea of a own portfolio page, just for the beautiful handmade costumes I have photographed.
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Interview Frank Doorhof

Welcome on my website, YonPhotography!
This time the photo’s in this blog aren’t mine, as you might have seen in a split second. They are made by Frank Doorhof, a fashion/glamour photographer who taught me how to photograph for half a year.
He’s also seen all over the world giving seminars and workshops. His work is well known and so is he.
In this blog I ask him about the past, the recent photography industry and what he’s planning to do in the future.
We all know photography is a hard business. We can all learn from each others idea’s.
I welcome you; Frank Doorhof.
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Wouldn’t it make you just happy, to make series of photo’s of a photographer… to relate his face to your school. Make three posters of these photo’s and then be over with it.

Certainly. I had great idea’s. I had some over the top things in mind but things always go different if you think you planned things well. Even though they aren’t over the top… I think they suit well.

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I’ve got so many questions about photography. In the main fact; Concert photography. Many want to do this but there aren’t many tips and tricks about this subject. I was I think 16 when I went to my first band to photograph. I will always remember the nerves that day.

Later on I went to so many other photographers to get hints, tricks, idea’s on how to work things out. When you manage them all. You just need a bit of luck.

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